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Active projects

We develop innovative projects across various sectors, providing solutions to global challenges.

Market Studies

A project for international smart city market research. Our team of experts uncovers the latest innovations and trends, offering actionable insights for decision-makers. We explore sustainability, transportation, infrastructure, and public services to revolutionize urban living.


In Zabalik we work with young people, listening to their voice and making them protagonists. Through entrepreneurship and teamwork we respond to the different challenges of each country. It has been five years since we started working in this field and we have had the opportunity to create influence in different places. 

Iniy Skin

Born as a new concept of real beauty, cosmetics and care.

From awareness, responsibility and innovation, we have created a new brand whose mission is to optimize beauty by producing only what is going to be consumed.

Because we believe in the real value of our products and because we know that each skin is different and needs unique and personalized care.

NeoVane Marketing

NeoVane is a digital marketing agency. Like a weather vane adjusting to the wind direction, we sync with emerging trends and use a personalized approach to your needs to drive your business forward. At Neovane, we don’t just go with the flow, we create it, ensuring that your brand stays at the forefront of the competitive digital world.


Mobile application and website that allows users to search for and offer jobs in the rural areas. With the aim of facilitating, showcasing and creating job opportunities in villages.


A gamified software for the stimulation of cognitive skills with an assistant that accompanies and monitors each user’s progress throughout the process.


A project in which foundry sands from any type of industrial company are recycled. The sand is mixed with other components such as leftover polyester and gypsum. What is achieved from these components is a material similar to cement.


A new sport emerging in Korea that combines drone technology with the excitement of soccer. So far a unique and exclusive experience that will soon be in Spain thanks to us.

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